Monday, October 22, 2007


More and more I am hearing people refer to talk radio as hate radio. Finally, I’ve decided to comment on the matter. 

Sure, there is some hate talk on talk radio, but, there is also divine love talk on talk radio, too. And by far most of the talk on talk radio is positive and good for America.

I also think political labeling such as liberal and conservative should be put in perspective. I’m basically conservative on most issues, but, overall I consider myself to be a realist. 

Most people as they grow older and experience life’s struggles they will naturally grow more conservative. But, almost no one will be liberal or conservative on every issue.

Just because one says he is a conservative doesn’t make it so. There are people out there on talk radio parading as conservative, but in my view is actually opportunist. 

A true conservatives can be one of the most hard tough disciplinarian there is and seemingly without pity, but what you won’t find is: Is a sadist bone in his body.

There are people on talk radio that have some true conservative views but overall lack genuine love and compassion. 

A fact is, one can do all of the good in the world but if it is not done with genuine love and compassion it will never have lasting appreciation. 

Concerning the word hate, there is a survival need for all emotions including hate, but, the overall purpose for hate is to destroy.

In my view hate and unforgiveness is behind all mental illness. When you keep hate in your heart it will destroy you as well as anything else it can. 

About wisdom, wisdom and intelligence are two different things. I believe wisdom is the ability to recognize dangers to survival. 

There are cases of young teens laughing while being taken to jail, because of a weak survival instinct due to not having any discipline in the home.

Struggles over time as we age teach most of us the wisdom how to recognize survival needs and threats. But, age and time is not the only teacher. 

Through trauma an indelible stamp of threats and dangers can be imprinted on the minds of abused children and they may show the wisdom of a sixty year old. 

It can really shock you how a child as young as age three or four can constantly say things so wise.

However, the real secret to life is balance and perspective, though. Any uncompromising conservative or liberal is an extremist whether he agrees or not. 

As for hate crimes, I think the hate crime law enacted is one of the dumbest ideas the liberals ever came up with. I think the law is reverse racism and sexism in itself.

Will the law ever be used to convict a black man for killing a white man, never? Who in the hell can truly know what is actually hidden inside the mind of anyone. 

If someone is chanting “I love you man” while carving you with cold steel, is the pain any different from him chanting “I hate you nigger.”

I just feel the law should stay equal under all conditions because when you start down that road the law becomes political, and guess who is going to lose in the end? 

As for prostitution, I know I’m way out in left field on that and as about as far away as you can get from established Christian teaching. 

But, as a realist and objective thinker I believe my reasoning on this matter is valid.

I believe that anyone that thinks that prostitution can be gotten rid of is just plain naive and doesn’t understand human nature. 

I believe prostitution is a venting mechanism and necessary sin. I believe the reason we have pornography everywhere and all kinds of child molesters and perverts is because men that are ugly, handicapped, undesirable, unmarried, antisocial, etc. can’t find legal means to vent sexual energy.

Plus, since the come about of the welfare state, women no longer have a survival need for a man, especially an undesirable one. 

The build up of sexual energy is no fantasy, it is real and physical, and society is going to pay dearly one way or another if this energy is not vented in a harmless way. 

The sexual drive to procreate is the strongest urge in all of nature and can’t be just sweep under the rug and ignored without severe side effects.

That said, the Romans and other ancient societies realized centuries ago that the wisest thing was to tax it and regulate it. Enough said on that subject. 

Now, why is talk radio considered hate radio to some? The main reason is the liberals see talk radio as the enemy because most of the talk is against big government and the welfare state.

The liberals see government as the great white father provider and is not going to take kindly to anyone bad mouthing him, period. 

The liberals think talk radio want to take food out of the mouths of children and take the scooter carts away from old folks, which of course is not true. 

In fact, the liberals see anyone against big government as the enemy and a hater.

As a writer, the liberals feel I must be a hater, otherwise why would I be so against big government and the welfare state? 

I tell them the country should be prepared to survive even if the economy collapses and the government doesn’t have any money. 

And I believe money is about to become worthless. Then I’m seen as a nut case, because almost no one can even conceive of the unthinkable.

Almost everyone sees the federal government as omnipotent and that it will always be there to take care of everybody, wrong. I know different, everything the government has comes from the people, or tariffs.

I think it is cruel for any government to make masses upon masses of people dependent on it for the sake of power, when all of these people are going to be left stranded with no skills to survive when money is worthless and the government can't help them.
To me that is an unforgivable crime that is going to cost millions upon millions of innocent dependent lives someday. 

I have no power to stop it, except to try to sound the alarm, glory be to God, I’m doing what I can. 

That is why with all of my handicaps I try so hard to stress the need to rebuild the nuclear family, then everything else will falls into place.